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Malpighiales: Quiz


Question 1: Some recent studies have placed Malpighiales as sister to Oxalidales sensu lato (including Huaceae), [9] [3] while others have found a different ________ for the COM clade.
TopologyManifoldMathematicsAlgebraic topology

Question 2: The largest family, by far, is Euphorbiaceae, with about 6300 species in about 245 ________.
GenusLifeClass (biology)Biological classification

Question 3: Malpighiales is monophyletic and in ________ studies, it receives strong statistical support.
Computational phylogeneticsPhylogeneticsMaximum parsimony (phylogenetics)Molecular phylogenetics

Question 4: The COM clade is part of an unranked group known as Fabidae or ________.
MalpighialesRosidsEudicotsAPG II system

Question 5: [11] The fabids, in turn, are part of a group that has long been recognized, namely, the ________.
EudicotsAPG II systemRosidsMalpighiales

Question 6: Some family delimitations have changed as well, most notably, the segregation of Calophyllaceae from Clusiaceae sensu lato when it was shown that the latter is ________.
CladeDNA barcodingParaphylyCladistics

Question 7: The family ________ has been expanded from two genera, to three, and then to four, and transferred to Saxifragales.
PeridiscaceaeMalpighialesSoyauxiaFlowering plant

Question 8: Malpighiales is divided into 32 to 42 families, depending upon which ________ in the order are given the taxonomic rank of family.
PhylogeneticsCladeGhost lineageComputational phylogenetics

Question 9: It has been estimated that complete resolution of the phylogeny will require at least 25000 base pairs of ________ sequence data per taxon.

Question 10: As we know it in 2009, the ________ of Malpighiales is, at its deepest level, an unresolved polytomy of 16 clades.
PhylogeneticsComputational phylogeneticsEvolutionGhost lineage

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