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Malocclusion: Quiz


Question 1: Class III: (________,negative overjet) is when the lower front teeth are more prominent than the upper front teeth.
Benign lymphoepithelial lesionAphthous ulcerRetrognathiaPrognathism

Question 2: ________, periapical inflammation and tooth loss in the deciduous teeth alter the correct permanent teeth eruptions.
Acid erosionTooth (human)Dental cariesDental fluorosis

Question 3: Correction of malocclusion may reduce risk of tooth decay and help relieve excessive pressure on the ________.
Sphenomandibular ligamentStylomandibular ligamentHead and neck anatomyTemporomandibular joint

Question 4: Those who have more severe malocclusions may require orthodontic and sometimes surgical treatment (________) to correct the problem.
Cleft lip and palateCrouzon syndromeOrthognathic surgeryOral and maxillofacial surgery

Question 5: Crowding of the teeth is treated with orthodontics, often with tooth extraction, ________, followed by growth modification in children or jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) in adults.
Sheldon FrielOrthodontic technologyDental bracesMalocclusion

Question 6: ________ sucking habits are also correlated with otitis media [10][11].


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