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Question 1: [7] Malingering has been recorded historically as early as Roman times by the physician ________, who reported two cases.
Ibn ZuhrAvicennaGalenHippocrates

Question 2: In the ________, David feigns insanity to escape from a king who views him as an enemy.
Hebrew BibleDeuterocanonical booksTanakhOld Testament

Question 3: The ________ states that malingering is suspected if any combination of the following are observed[10]
Classification of mental disordersSchizophreniaDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersMental disorder

Question 4: Treatment options may include psychotherapy, family therapy, ________, or pharmacotherapy.
Cognitive behavioral therapyThought suppressionImpulse (psychology)Edna B. Foa

Question 5: ________ theory suggests patients may have been neglected or abused as children and are attempting to resolve issues with their parents.
Ego psychologyCarl JungSigmund FreudPsychodynamics

Question 6: Examples include the United States military[13] and the ________.
Lebanese Armed ForcesSingapore Armed ForcesSri Lanka Armed ForcesMyanmar Armed Forces

Question 7: [2] The disorder remains separate from somatization disorders and factitious disorders in which primary and secondary gain, such as the relief of ________ or the assumption of the "patient role", is the goal.
HostilityEmotionAnxietyMental confusion

Question 8: [3] The symptoms most commonly feigned reportedly include those associated with mild head injury, fibromyalgia and ________, and chronic pain.
Chronic fatigue syndromeMultiple sclerosisLyme diseaseSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 9: Giving approximate answers to questions, usually occurring in ________ with predominantly psychological signs and symptoms (see Ganser Syndrome)
Bipolar disorderM√ľnchausen syndromeFactitious disorderAlzheimer's disease


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