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Question 1: [35] The empire's total area included nearly all the land between the ________ and coastal forests.
SaharaTénéréThar DesertAntarctica

Question 2:
What religion does Mali Empire adhere to?

Question 3:
What region does Mali Empire belong to?
North Africa and Southwest Asia
North Africa
Western Africa
Central Africa

Question 4:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Mali Empire?
Mary Joyce D'Aurizo
Mari Djata I
Mary Holtz
Marie-George Buffet

Question 5: The new ________ conquered Mema,[22] one of Mali’s oldest possessions, in 1465.
Bornu EmpireRashidun CaliphateMali EmpireSonghai Empire

Question 6:
What is Mali Empire's current status?
State of the Holy Roman Empire
Member of German Empire
Client state of the French Empire

Question 7:
What is the capital of Mali Empire?
Tallahassee, Florida
Niani; later Ka-ba

Question 8: By the beginning of the 14th century, Mali was the source of almost half the Old World's ________ exported from mines in Bambuk, Boure and Galam.

Question 9: [22] More than just a mere warrior, Mansa Sakoura went on the hajj during the reign of ________.
Al-Nasir MuhammadAl-Ashraf KhalilBahri dynastyMamluk

Question 10: [21] Mansa Sakura also opened direct trade negotiations with Tripoli and ________.
Saudi ArabiaJordanMoroccoUnited Arab Emirates

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