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Malcolm Reed: Quiz


Question 1: Reed's great-uncle was in the British Royal Navy on ________, but was killed in action while chief engineer of the HMS Clement (a submarine that struck a mine, a left over from an unmentioned war).

Question 2: Reed is allergic to dust mites, oak pollen, tropical grasses, and various plant enzymes, including bromelin, which, ironically, is found in ________, his favorite food.
PhilippinesPineappleBananaDietary fiber

Question 3: Malcolm Reed at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Star Trek: The Motion PictureStar Trek: First ContactMemory AlphaTrekkie

Question 4: Reed has an almost suicidal sense of self-sacrifice, and can also be consumed at times with regret over paths not followed in his love life; he and ________ have at least one ex-girlfriend in common.
Jonathan ArcherCharles Tucker IIIT'PolEnterprise (NX-01)

Question 5: An alternate version of Reed appears in the two-part episode "________", which takes place in the Mirror Universe.
Affliction (Star Trek: Enterprise)Home (Star Trek: Enterprise)In a Mirror, DarklyThese Are the Voyages...

Question 6: Reed is also an Eagle Scout, obtaining 28 Merit Badges, two more than his commanding officer, ________.
Enterprise (NX-01)These Are the Voyages...Star Trek (film)Jonathan Archer


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