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Question 1: The influential ________ kingdom had unified the various ethnic groups in southeast Asia into a convergent cultural sphere for almost a millennium.
MajapahitMalacca SultanateKediri (historical kingdom)Srivijaya

Question 2: Malaysian Malays, Malay Indonesian, ________, Overseas Malays.
Indians in SingaporeArab SingaporeanEurasians in SingaporeMalays in Singapore

Question 3: Notable Malay seafarers of today are ________ and Orang laut.
MokenKhmuic peoplesKaren peopleMon people

Question 4:
What region does Malays (ethnic group) belong to?

Question 5: The word Melayu began in use during the time of Sultanate of Melaka, founded by the fleeing prince ________, from the declining Melayu Kingdom of Srivijaya in Palembang.
Parameswara (sultan)Zheng HeMajapahitMalacca Sultanate

Question 6: The name Malay is sometimes used to describe the concept of a Malay race, which includes all the ethnic groups inhabiting the ________ and which are not of older aboriginal stock.
Malay ArchipelagoMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaIndonesia

Question 7:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Malays (ethnic group)?

Question 8:
What is the population of Malays (ethnic group)?

Question 9: "Maleu-kolon" was used by ________ which was also derived from Sanskrit 'malayakom' or 'malaikurram', according to G.

Question 10: They came through large hardwood boats capable of housing entire clans of colonists within them called 'balangays' (from which the modern Filipino word '________' for "village" came from).

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