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Malayo-Polynesian languages: Quiz


Question 1: These were the Philippine languages, including some languages of northern Sulawesi; Sama-Bajaw, of the ________ between the Philippines and Borneo; and the Indo-Melanesian languages, being all the rest.
Sulu ArchipelagoJoloBasilanMoro people

Question 2: The Malayo-Polynesian languages are a subgroup of the ________, with approximately 351 million speakers.
Mayan languagesSino-Tibetan languagesAustronesian languagesHmong-Mien languages

Question 3: Central-Eastern includes the Oceanic languages, with Micronesian languages such as ________ and Nauruan, and Polynesian languages such as Hawaiian, Māori, Samoan, Tahitian, and Tongan.
Gilbertese languageGilbert IslandsEnglish languageKiribati

Question 4: These are widely dispersed throughout the island nations of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean, with a smaller number in continental ________.
AsiaSingaporeEuropeMiddle East

Question 5: Malagasy is a geographic outlier, spoken in the island of Madagascar in the ________.
Arabian SeaIndian OceanPacific OceanAtlantic Ocean


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