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Question 1: If any of these is lowered sufficiently, the parasite will sooner or later disappear from that area, as happened in North America, ________ and much of Middle East.
EuropeEastern EuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 2:
What role did Paul Demange play in the movie Malaria?
Jean Barral

Question 3:
Who played Pope Sergej the movie Malaria?
Wolfgang Kopper
Sessue Hayakawa
Emil Kühne
Leopold Schreiner

Question 4:
Who played Le père Dalmar the movie Malaria?
Wolfgang Kopper
Alexandre Rignault
Sessue Hayakawa
Leopold Schreiner

Question 5:
Who played Zanzi the movie Malaria?
Sessue Hayakawa
Michel Vitold
Charles Lemontier
Marcel Maupi

Question 6:
What role did Michel Vitold play in the movie Malaria?
Henri Malfas
Gregors Vater
Pope Sergej

Question 7:
What role did Jacques Dumesnil play in the movie Malaria?
Jean Barral
Gregors Vater
Le docteur Cyril

Question 8: Malaria is commonly associated with poverty, but is also a cause of poverty[3] and a major hindrance to ________.
EconomyEconomic developmentEconomicsGross domestic product

Question 9: [105] Malaria was once common in most of ________ and North America, where it is no longer endemic[106], though imported cases do occur.
EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 10:
Who played Le docteur Cyril the movie Malaria?
Jacques Dumesnil
Michel Vitold
Leopold Schreiner
Jean Debucourt

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