Malagasy people: Quiz

Question 1: They are divided into two subgroups: the "Highlander" Merina, Sihanaka and Betsileo of the central plateaux around ________, Alaotra (Ambatondrazaka) and Fianarantsoa, and the côtiers ("coastal dwellers") elsewhere in the country.
AlgiersAddis AbabaNairobiAntananarivo

Question 2: There is a population (estimated to be around 7,000) of ________ in Morropón (Piura), a city in northern Peru, that are of Malagasy descent and call themselves Mangaches or Malgaches.
Afro-MexicanAfro ChileanAfro-Latin AmericanAfro-Peruvian

Question 3: Sometime later, a large number of settlers arrived from ________ and established kingdoms along the relatively unpopulated coastlines.
East AfricaSouthern AfricaKenyaSouth Asia

Question 4: The Malagasy (French: Malgache) ethnic group forms about a half of the population of ________.
MozambiqueSaint HelenaMaldivesMadagascar

Question 5: These were namely agricultural, hunting, or fishing practices; music; hair and clothing styles; and local customs or taboos (known in the Malagasy language as '________').

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