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Question 1: During this time, Malachy's ex-girlfriend ________ turns up in the village and continues to taunt Mercedes and flirt with Malachy.
Gilly RoachHollyoaks Later (series 1)Cheryl BradyHollyoaks

Question 2: Malachy finds Kris kissing a man and shows his ________ towards him.
BiphobiaViolence against LGBT peopleTransphobiaHomophobia

Question 3: Kris hides his bisexuality and cross dressing from Malachy, who sleeps with Kris' girlfriend ________.
Jake DeanCalvin ValentineJessica HarrisCarmel Valentine

Question 4: Malachy and Kris are horrified when they discover Eamon is dead and attack ________ for pretending Jack Osborne was Eamon in order to claim on life insurance.
Barry "Newt" NewtonJake DeanFrankie OsborneDarren Osborne

Question 5: A central part of Malachy's character was his discovery in September 2008 that he had ________.
AIDSHIV and AIDS misconceptionsHIVSafe sex

Question 6: When Malachy was helping rebuild The Loft with ________ and Spencer Gray.
Carmel ValentineCalvin ValentineRuss OwenWarren Fox

Question 7: Malachy Fisher is a fictional character from long-running ________ soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Glen Wallace.
S4CFive (TV channel)Channel 4BBC

Question 8: Wallace said he was "taken aback" when he heard about the story, but felt the storyline was very important, as national TV had not covered the topic since ________ character Mark Fowler.
Peggy MitchellEastEndersBianca JacksonDot Branning

Question 9: Malachy's main love interest became ________.
Calvin ValentineRuss OwenJohn Paul McQueenMercedes Fisher

Question 10: He then leaves, before returning later in 2007 where he befriends ________ and continues to be homophobic towards Kris.
Max CunninghamJake DeanCraig DeanDebbie Dean


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