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Question 1: In many historical text, she was said to have been a princess in the court of the ________(1402-1424).
Ming DynastyHongxi EmperorYongle EmperorHongwu Emperor

Question 2: Malacca was founded by Parameswara, a Srivijayan prince of Palembang who fled Sumatra following a ________ attack in 1377.
SinghasariIndonesiaMajapahitKediri (historical kingdom)

Question 3:
What is the postcode of Malacca?
75xxx to 78xxx

Question 4:
What is the motto of Malacca?
Bersatu Teguh
Know God. . . be strong, and do great exploits! Daniel 11:32
Ne Desit Virtus
Scientia fons Veritatis

Question 5: There is also a sizeable amount of ________ residing in Malacca.
SikhismSikhSikh diasporaMazhabi

Question 6:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Malacca?

Question 7:
What is the total area of Malacca in square km?

Question 8: Its bell was delivered from ________ in 1608.
GoaDaman and DiuMangaloreMumbai

Question 9: Francis Xavier Church: This Gothic church was built by a French ________, Rev.
BishopPriestLutheranismLiturgical book

Question 10: It is headed by the Governor (Yang Di-Pertua Negeri) who is appointed by the ________ of Malaysia.
Malaysian general election, 2008Pakatan RakyatBarisan NasionalYang di-Pertuan Agong


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