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Question 1: Malabsorption constitutes the pathological interference with the normal physiological sequence of ________ (intraluminal process), absorption (mucosal process) and transport (postmucosal events) of nutrients[3].
StomachDigestionEndocrine systemImmune system

Question 2: It is due to impaired water, ________ and electrolyte absorption or irritation from unabsorbed fatty acid.

Question 3: Barium follow through is useful in delineating ________ anatomy.
Colon (anatomy)Vermiform appendixStomachSmall intestine

Question 4: Use of cholestyramine to bind bile acid will help reducing diarrhea in ________ malabsorption.
Bile acidCholic acidCholesterolMetabolism

Question 5: The main purpose of the gastrointestinal tract is to digest and absorb nutrients (fat, ________, and protein), micronutrients (vitamins and trace minerals), water, and electrolytes.

Question 6: ________ involves both mechanical and enzymatic breakdown of food.
DigestionImmune systemStomachEndocrine system

Question 7: Bleeding tendencies from vitamin K and other ________ deficiencies.
CoagulationTissue plasminogen activatorPlateletFibrinolysis

Question 8: People whose absorptive surface are severely limited from disease or surgery may need long term ________.
Central venous catheterFatty liverVitaminParenteral nutrition

Question 9: Routine blood tests may reveal ________, high ESR or low albumin; which has high sensitivity for presence of organic disease [7][8].
Pernicious anemiaAplastic anemiaAnemiaIron deficiency anemia

Question 10: ________ is frequently undertaken, but to visualise small intestine, which can be up to 7m long, is indeed a daunting task.
SigmoidoscopyRectumHuman gastrointestinal tractEndoscopy


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