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Makeover: Quiz


Question 1: A makeover is a term applied to changing one's appearance, sometimes through ________.
Hair removalL'OréalCosmeticsNivea

Question 2: Makeovers are often popular ________ subjects.
VideoClosed captioningTelevisionMechanical television

Question 3: Other popular makeover shows include What Not to Wear, How to Look Good Naked, ________, MADE, Ambush Makeover and Pimp My Ride.
United StatesSpainFranceExtreme Makeover

Question 4: Long a staple subject of daytime talk shows, they have recently moved into the limelight in television shows such as ________.
South ParkQueer Eye for the Straight GirlQueer EyeAussie Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

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