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Question 1: In meantone temperament and ________ these two intervals are approximated by the same interval.
Bohlen–Pierce scaleEqual temperamentJust intonationPitch class

Question 2: On a ________, a major second is the interval between two keys separated by one key, counting white and black keys alike.
Keyboard instrumentMusical keyboardPianoAccordion

Question 3: It occurs in both ________ and pentatonic scales.
Interval (music)SemitoneDiatonic and chromaticChord (music)

Question 4: Unlike almost all uses of the terms major and minor, these intervals span the same number of semitones in standard ________.
Just intonationPitch classEqual temperamentBohlen–Pierce scale

Question 5: A ________ is a chromatic semitone narrower than a major second, and an augmented second is a chromatic semitone wider.
SemitonePerfect fourthOctaveInterval (music)

Question 6: The major second is considered one of the more dissonant intervals of the ________.
Diatonic scaleChromatic scaleMajor scaleMusical scale

Question 7: It is common in many different musical systems, including ________, Turkish music and music of the Balkans, among others.
Middle Eastern musicRaïArabic pop musicArabic music

Question 8: info)), also called a whole step or a whole tone,[1] is a ________ that occurs between the first and second degrees of a major scale, the tonic and the supertonic.
Interval (music)SemitonePerfect fourthOctave

Question 9: In any system where there is only one size of whole tone, such as all ________, the term major tone is not used and the interval is simply called a whole tone.
Meantone temperamentCent (music)SavartMillioctave

Question 10: For example, a major third and minor third are about 71 cents different in ________, which are approximated by intervals one semitone apart.
Musical temperamentJust intonationEqual temperamentConsonance and dissonance


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