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Question 1: info)), while in ________ it has 4 semitones between the root and third, 3 between the third and fifth, and 7 between the root and fifth.
Bohlen–Pierce scaleJust intonationPitch classEqual temperament

Question 2: info)) is a chord having a root, a major third, and a ________.
SemitoneMajor secondPerfect fourthPerfect fifth

Question 3: The major chord, along with the minor chord, is one of the basic building blocks of ________ music and the common practice period.
Musical scaleTonalityMusical modeHarmony

Question 4: A major triad can also be described as a major third interval with a minor third interval on top or as a root note, a note 4 ________ higher than the root, and a note 7 semitones higher than the root.
TritoneOctaveSemitonePerfect fourth


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