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Question 1: The punk subculture generally frowns upon ________ bands that play punk music that disavows the DIY punk ethic, and views them as synonymous with mainstream music.
Music industryWarner Music GroupRecord labelEMI

Question 2: something that has ties to ________ or commercial entities.
Corporate lawCompanies lawCorporationCompany

Question 3: In literature, particularly in literary criticism, "mainstream" is used to designate traditional realistic or mimetic fiction, as opposed to ________ such as science fiction, romance novels and mysteries, as well as to experimental fiction.
PoetryShort storyFantasyGenre fiction

Question 4: This exists in virtually all genres of music and is found commonly in punk rock, indie rock, alternative/underground hip hop, ________, anti-folk and Heavy Metal, among others.
Post-hardcoreEmoRock musicHardcore punk

Question 5: Some have stated that they see mainstream as the antithesis of ________.
Individualist anarchismClassical liberalismIndividualismMax Stirner

Question 6: In the 1960s this music was exemplified by the music of the ________.
AmphetamineTimothy LearyHippiePsychedelic music

Question 7: ________ movies are usually considered mainstream and blockbusters are also mainstream films.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNew EnglandUnited StatesWestern United States

Question 8: Mainstream is, generally, the common current of ________ of the majority.
Cognitive psychologyLearningThoughtPerception

Question 9: In the ________, mainline churches are sometimes referred to synonymously as "mainstream."[1][2]
PhilippinesAlaskaCanadaUnited States

Question 10: As such, the mainstream includes all popular culture, typically disseminated by ________.
Mass mediaInternetPublishingNews media

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