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Question 1: The term remained in some use even up to the ________, but its frequency decreased drastically after the appearance of the hon-dō in the Heian period [3].
BakumatsuEdo periodTokugawa shogunateTokugawa Yoshinobu

Question 2: The Butsuden or Butsu-dō (仏殿・仏堂 ?), literally "Buddha Hall", is the main hall of a temple of one of the three ________ schools (Sōtō 曹洞, Rinzai 臨済, and Obaku 黃檗)[3].
ZenBuddhismPure Land BuddhismGuan Yin

Question 3: It became common after the birth of the two Mikkyo sects (Tendai and ________)[3].
ShinranShingon BuddhismNichirenKūkai

Question 4: The kon-dō and a ________ were usually surrounded by a corridor called kairō.
PagodaBuddhismBodhidharmaBuddhist art

Question 5: The ________ for terms concerning Japanese Buddhism, Japanese Buddhist art, and Japanese Buddhist temple architecture.
NichirenIndex of Buddhism-related articlesGlossary of Japanese BuddhismKūkai


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