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Question 1: Mac OS X with ________ (but not with ZFS) appears to avoid this problem for some reason[citation needed].
Finder (software)Stickies (software)Apple Software UpdateHFS Plus

Question 2: There are programs that support Maildir written in languages such as Python and Perl, or which have been ported from Unix using ________ or other systems that could function reliably together if this issue were addressed.

Question 3: The ________ MTA does not support any mail delivery format (although many assume that it does).
Postfix (software)SendmailSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolExim

Question 4: The Maildir standard cannot be implemented without modification on systems running ________, which does not tolerate colons in filenames.
DirectXInternet Information ServicesInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Windows

Question 5: The Maildir ________ format is a common way of storing e-mail messages, where each message is kept in a separate file with a unique name, and each folder is a directory.
E-mailSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolEmail clientOutlook Express

Question 6: The local filesystem handles ________ as messages are added, moved and deleted.
NTFSOperating systemDynamic-link libraryFile locking

Question 7: By an ________ mailstore, which serves email to mail client software (MUAs).
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolE-mailPost Office ProtocolInternet Message Access Protocol

Question 8: The original Maildir specification was written by ________, the author of qmail, djbdns, and other software.
Prime numberBernstein v. United StatesDomain Name SystemDaniel J. Bernstein

Question 9: Since there are several IMAP mail stores that support Maildir, any mail reader that supports IMAP such as ________, Pine, or Mozilla Thunderbird can be used to access Maildir folders.
Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft EntourageIBM Lotus NotesPegasus Mail

Question 10: Many implementors use a ________ because it is designed for indexing and searching.
SQLDatabase modelRelational modelDatabase


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