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Question 1: Members of this caste are traditionally found in the Indian states of West Bengal and ________.
OrissaBiharBhubaneswarOriya culture

Question 2: [2] For whatever reason, the Mahishyas migrated from ________ and entered what is now Midnapore through the Chota Nagpur Plateau.
VaranasiHaridwarAyodhyaMathura, Uttar Pradesh

Question 3: [4] At the turn of the century, much of the land and factories were owned by ________ and Kayasthas.
Uttar PradeshBiharBhumiharBrahmin

Question 4: [2] If one takes the two terms to be synonymous then as Kaivarttas, the people are spread through a geographic location extending from modern-day Maharashtra, ________, and Orissa.
Madhya PradeshChhattisgarhBiharIndia

Question 5: [2] In general terms, "the child born of a ________ father and Vaisya mother is called a Kaivartta or Mahisya".

Question 6: Not only were the Mahishyas the leading group in Midnapore, but the 1931 census found that 2.71 percent were proficient in English, the language of the upwardly mobile during the ________.
British EmpireNorth BorneoBritish RajBengal Presidency

Question 7: In 1896, they were identified as local aristocrats by the President of the college of Nadia pandits, since the number of Brahmins and Kayasthas in Midnapore district were relatively small compared to the rest of ________.
BangladeshBengalIndiaWest Bengal

Question 8: [2] Biharilal Kalye believes that the founder of the Ganga Dynasty of ________, Anantavarma belonged to the Mahishya race.
IndiaOriya cultureBhubaneswarOrissa

Question 9: [5][6] The job ultimately went to ________.
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiAbul Kalam AzadSubhas Chandra BoseJawaharlal Nehru

Question 10: Mahishya (Bengali: মাহিষ্য), often also spelled as Mahisya, is a ________ caste.


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