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Mahasamadhi: Quiz


Question 1: Enlightened yogis take their Mahasamadhi during their final practice of samadhi: and they expire during this final ________ practice.
HinduismMantraSadhanaShurangama Mantra

Question 2: An enlightened or realized yogi is one who has attained the nondual state of Nirvikalpa ________ where duality of subject and object are resolved and the yogi becomes permanently established in the unity of full enlightenment.
Jnana yogaBhaktiHatha yogaSamadhi

Question 3: ________
JesusChristianityEntering heaven aliveMary (mother of Jesus)

Question 4: Therefore, Mahasamadhi occurs only once in a lifetime, when the yogi finally casts off their mortal frame and their ________ is extinguished upon death.


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