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Maharashtrian cuisine: Quiz


Question 1: These include milk and milk products, fruit, sago (sabudana), potatoes, nuts such as peanuts, purple-red sweet potatoes (called ratali in Marathi) and varyache tandul (________).
Echinochloa colonaUrduEchinochloa crus-galliSanskrit

Question 2: Bhakri - bread made from ________ like jowar and bajra, form part of daily food in rural areas.
MilletCommercial sorghumMaizeRice

Question 3: Maharashtrian (or Marathi) cuisine is cuisine of the Marathi people, those from the state of Maharashtra in ________.
Lok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndiaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 4: A large number of Marathi Hindu people hold fast on days like Ekadashi in honour of Lord Vishnu or his avatars, Chaturthi in honour of ________, Mondays in honour of Shiva, or Saturday in honour of Maruti or Saturn.

Question 5: Raitas made with different types of vegetables such as ________ or carrots are variants of koshimbir.

Question 6: Especially popular is that from Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale in ________.
PuneNagpurMumbaiNavi Mumbai

Question 7: It is made from jaggery (molasses or gur), yellow gram (chana) dal, plain flour, ________ powder and ghee (clarified butter).

Question 8: ________: is a deep fried dumpling with a filling of grated coconut sweetened with jaggery and flavoured with powdered cardamom seeds.
DumplingJiaoziPierogiLithuanian cuisine

Question 9: The Kolhapuri taambda rassa (red curry) and pandhra rassa (white curry) of chicken and mutton from the southern city of ________ and the varhadi rassa or (varhadi chicken curry) from the Vidarbha region are especially well known throughout Maharashtra.

Question 10: The staple dishes of Maharashtrian cuisine are based on bread and ________:


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