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Maguindanao people: Quiz


Question 1: During the ________, the Americans adopted a policy of noninterference in the Muslim areas, as spelled out in the Bates Agreement of 1899 signed by Brig.
Philippine–American WarPhilippine RevolutionSpanish–American WarMoro Rebellion

Question 2: Fearing Buayan's reemerging power, ________ II finally ceded Cotabato to Spain in return for an annual pension of 1,000 pesos for him, and 800 pesos for his son.
Sultan KudaratPhilippinesBukidnonMaguindanao

Question 3: Lumad, Visayan,
other Moros,
other Filipino peoples,
other ________
Austronesian peoplesPalauTuvaluNew Caledonia

Question 4: However, the Muslims did not know that the ________, which had ceded the Philippine archipelago to the Americans, included their land as well.
Philippine–American WarBanana WarsTreaty of Paris (1898)Spanish–American War

Question 5: In Buayan, the transition to ________ took a longer time.
IslamMosqueMuslim historyIslamic schools and branches

Question 6: The native Maguindanaon have a fascinating culture that revolves around ________ music, a specific type of gong music, found among both Muslim and non-Muslim groups of the Southern Philippines.
Pinoy hip hopBisRockKulintangAgung


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