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Magnus I of Sweden: Quiz


Question 1: Magnus was recognized by the ________ (Göterna) of Gothenland, but according to the Westrogothic law, had to be accepted also by the Swea, another tribe to the north of the Geats.
GeatsGermanic paganismRunic alphabetWielbark culture

Question 2: According to ________, Ragnvald had shown disrespect towards the Geats by not taking a Geat hostage.
AbsalonDenmarkSaxo GrammaticusGesta Danorum

Question 3: Magnus married Rikissa, daughter of ________ around 1127.
Zbigniew of PolandWładysław I HermanBolesław III WrymouthBolesław I Chrobry

Question 4: [1] Though he was eventually backed by Niels, Magnus found himself in a ________ against Lavard's half-brother Eric Emune.
Chemical warfareCivil warMilitary historyNaval warfare

Question 5: After Magnus's death, his widow Rikissa returned to the east where she married Volodar of Minsk, a ________ ruler of Viking origins.
Rurik DynastyJagiellon dynastyGediminidsHohenzollern-Sigmaringen


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