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Magnus IV of Sweden: Quiz


Question 1: Magnus' young favourite courtier was Bengt Algotsson, whom he elevated to ________ and Halland, as well as Viceroy of the province of Scania.
Birger of SwedenCharles IX of SwedenJohn III of SwedenDuke of Finland

Question 2: Foreign nations like Denmark (after its recovery in 1340) and ________ intervened and Magnus himself does not seem to have been able to resist the internal opposition.

Question 3: In 1336 he married Blanche of Namur, daughter of Count Jean of Namur and Marie of Artois, a descendant of ________.
Philip III of FrancePhilip II of FranceLouis VIII of FranceLouis IX of France

Question 4: King Magnus took advantage of his neighbour's distress, redeeming the pawn for the eastern Danish provinces for a huge amount of silver, and thus became ruler also of ________.

Question 5: King ________ conquered Terra Scania in 1360.
Valdemar IV of DenmarkChristopher II of DenmarkMargaret I of DenmarkChristian II of Denmark

Question 6: In violation of the Norwegian laws on royal inheritance, Magnus' younger son Håkon would become king of Norway, with Magnus as ________ during his minority.
MonarchMonarchyRegentConstitutional monarchy

Question 7: On 21 July 1336 Magnus was crowned king of both Norway and Sweden in ________.


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