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Question 1: The satellites reportedly have a mass of 2,200-2,700 kg, operating in near-________, using Inertial Upper Stages to get from the shuttle's orbit to geosynchronous.
Lagrangian pointGeostationary orbitGeosynchronous orbitGeocentric orbit

Question 2: It is believed that two or three Magnum satellites were launched from ________ missions between 1985 and 1990: STS-51-C (1985), STS-33 (1989) and possibly from STS-38 (1990).
Space ShuttleApollo programAres VAres I

Question 3: Magnum is reportedly a code name for a class of SIGINT spy satellites operated by the National Reconnaissance Office for the United States ________.
Central Intelligence AgencyDefense Intelligence AgencyNational Security AgencyCold War


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