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Magnoliopsida: Quiz


Question 1: In some of these Cronquist-based systems the name Magnoliopsida (at the rank of class) refers to the ________ (the angiosperms).
GymnospermFernEmbryophyteFlowering plant

Question 2: The ________ used the name Magnoliopsida for a group of the primitive dicotyledons, corresponding to about half of the plants in the magnoliids:
Reveal systemAPG II systemAsparagalesRosales

Question 3: In the Takhtajan system and the ________ the name was used for the group known as dicotyledons.
RosalesViolalesAPG III systemCronquist system

Question 4: Above the rank of order, these systems use their own names, such as ________, eudicots, monocots, rosids, etc.
FernPlantFlowering plantGymnosperm

Question 5: The ________ and the Thorne system (1992) used the name Magnoliopsida for the flowering plants (angiosperms).
LilialesRosalesAsparagalesDahlgren system

Question 6: Note that the idea that dicotyledons could be a taxonomic unit and get a formal name is rejected by the APG: the dicots are considered to be ________.
CladeParaphylyDNA barcodingCladistics

Question 7: The ________ used this internal taxonomy (in the 1981 version):
Cronquist systemRosalesAPG III systemDicotyledon

Question 8: These names refer to ________ (unranked).
Ghost lineagePhylogeneticsCladeComputational phylogenetics

Question 9: Magnoliopsida is a valid botanical name for a class of ________.
FernFlowering plantGymnospermEmbryophyte


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