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Magnetic field: Quiz


Question 1: For instance, electrons spiraling around a field line produce ________ which is detectable in radio waves.
Electromagnetic radiationPulsarCrab NebulaSynchrotron radiation

Question 2: For example, a ________ of the H-field in a closed loop yields the total free current in the loop (not including the bound current).
DerivativeCalculusLine integralContinuous function

Question 3: A device so formed around an iron core may act as an ________, generating a strong, well-controlled magnetic field.
TransformerInductorElectromagnetMagnetic circuit

Question 4: A finite length electromagnet produces essentially the same magnetic field as a uniform ________ of the same shape and size, with its strength and polarity determined by the current flowing through the coil.
Magnetic momentMagnetismFerromagnetismMagnet

Question 5: Bending a wire into multiple closely-spaced loops to form a coil or "________" enhances this effect.
SolenoidStarter solenoidMagnetic fieldElectromagnet

Question 6: (Such vector fields are called solenoidal vector fields.) This property is called Gauss's law for magnetism and is equivalent to the statement that there are no magnetic charges or ________.
PhotonMagnetic fieldMaxwell's equationsMagnetic monopole

Question 7: where F is the force, q is the ________ of the particle, v is the instantaneous velocity of the particle, and B is the magnetic field (in teslas).
Maxwell's equationsElectric currentElectromagnetismElectric charge

Question 8: In the late nineteenth century the moving magnet and conductor problem developed as an important thought experiment that eventually helped ________ to develop special relativity.
Scientific methodAlbert EinsteinRelationship between religion and scienceIsaac Newton

Question 9: However, superconductors and ferromagnets have a more complex B to H relation, see ________.
Magnetic fieldElectricityMagnetismHysteresis

Question 10: The inverse process also occurs: a changing magnetic field, such as a magnet moving through a stationary coil, generates an ________ (and therefore tends to drive a current in the coil).
Lorentz forceMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetismElectric field


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