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Question 1: They are used mostly for ________ filters and low-frequency chokes, mainly in switched-mode power supplies.
Electromagnetic compatibilitySpread spectrumElectromagnetic interferenceCapacitor

Question 2: A magnetic core is a piece of magnetic material with a high permeability used to confine and guide magnetic fields in electrical and electromechanical devices such as electromagnets, transformers, ________, and inductors.
Electrical generatorInduction motorElectric motorAC motor

Question 3: It is ________, offering better magnetic properties than GNO in one direction.

Question 4: "Soft" ________ is used in electromagnets and in some electric motors; and it can create a field as much as 50,000 times more intense than with an air core.

Question 5: The path through the air ensures that the ________ remains linear.
Magnetic coreTransformerInductorCapacitor

Question 6: Iron is desirable to make magnetic cores, as it can withstand high levels of ________ (up to 2.16 teslas at ambient temperature.
Magnetic fieldMaxwell's equationsMagnetic momentMagnetism

Question 7: This design of core has a shielding effect, preventing radiation and reducing ________.
Spread spectrumElectromagnetic compatibilityCapacitorElectromagnetic interference

Question 8: This not only makes a highly efficient transformer, but also reduces the ________ radiated by the coil.
Spread spectrumElectromagnetic interferenceCapacitorElectromagnetic compatibility

Question 9: This design is based on a toroid (the same shape as a ________).

Question 10: If an air gap is required, the centre leg of the "E" is shortened so that the air gap sits in the middle of the coil to minimise fringing and reduce ________.
Spread spectrumCapacitorElectromagnetic compatibilityElectromagnetic interference


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