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Question 1: An ________ is set up in conductors experiencing a variation in physical environmental conditions, providing that they are contiguous and possess sufficient mass.
Lorentz forceMagnetic fieldMaxwell's equationsElectric field

Question 2: MAD devices are usually mounted on ________.
Wide-body aircraftAircraftDouble-deck aircraftBusiness jet

Question 3: Thalen's 'The Examination of Iron Ore Deposits by Magnetic Measurements', published in ________, was the first scientific treatise describing this practical use.
196618791968January 1

Question 4: ________ displacement is ostensibly the main disturbance, yet submarines are detectable even when oriented parallel to the earth's magnetic field, despite construction with non-ferromagnetic hulls.
MagnetismMagnetic fieldMagnetic momentMaxwell's equations

Question 5: Geoexploration by measuring and studying variations in the Earth's magnetic field has been conducted by scientists since ________.
19421916May 221843

Question 6: For example, the Soviet-Russian ________, whose hull is constructed out of titanium to give dramatic submerged performance and protection from detection by MAD sensors, is still detectable.
Zulu class submarineSoviet submarine K-278 KomsomoletsAlfa class submarineTyphoon class submarine

Question 7: The difference in salinity creates an ________ across the hull.
Magnetic fieldLorentz forceMaxwell's equationsElectric potential

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