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Question 1: Similarly, in computers, ________ and hard disks record data on a thin magnetic coating.
Hard disk driveUSB flash driveFile Allocation TableFloppy disk

Question 2: It is a ________, rather than just a vector (like the magnetic moment), because different areas in a magnet can be magnetized with different directions and strengths (for example, because of domains, see below).
Curl (mathematics)GradientVector calculusVector field

Question 3: Because of the way their regular crystalline ________ causes their spins to interact, some metals are (ferro)magnetic when found in their natural states, as ores.

Question 4: Therefore, ________ may be used.
Optimization (mathematics)Numerical analysisMathematical analysisCalculus

Question 5: The physical and magnetic properties of the product depend on the raw materials, but are generally lower in magnetic strength and resemble ________ in their physical properties.
Polyvinyl chloridePlasticPolycarbonatePolystyrene

Question 6: a large ground state spin value (S), which is provided by ________ or ferrimagnetic coupling between the paramagnetic metal centres.
FerromagnetismIronMagnetic fieldMagnetism

Question 7: ________ a magnet past its Curie temperature; the molecular motion destroys the alignment of the magnetic domains.
Internal energyHeatEnergyEntropy

Question 8: The north pole of the magnet is the pole which, when the magnet is freely suspended, points towards the Earth's ________ in northern Canada.
Aurora (astronomy)Geomagnetic reversalEarth's magnetic fieldNorth Magnetic Pole

Question 9: ________ - a theoretical source of magnetism that has never been found in real life.
PhotonMagnetic monopoleMaxwell's equationsMagnetic field

Question 10: The first discovered magnetic substance, ________, was originally believed to be a ferromagnet; Louis Néel disproved this, however, with the discovery of ferrimagnetism.

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