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Magnesium hydroxide: Quiz


Question 1: [7] Magnesium hydroxide is also used as an antiperspirant armpit ________.
BacteriaDeodorantAluminium chlorohydrateAluminium

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Magnesium hydroxide (IUPAC)
Magnesium hydroxide

Question 3: Milk of magnesia is also used as a folk remedy, applied and massaged in (a few minutes before washing), to relieve symptoms of seborrhea and ________.
PsoriasisSeborrhoeic dermatitisCradle capDandruff

Question 4: Magnesium hydroxide can be precipitated by the metathesis reaction between ________ salts and sodium, potassium, or ammonium hydroxide:

Question 5: First, Mg2+ is poorly absorbed from the intestinal tract, so it draws water from the surrounding tissue by ________.
Osmotic pressureTonicityOsmoregulationOsmosis

Question 6: [8] Milk of magnesia is useful against ________ (aphthous ulcer) when used topically.
Systemic lupus erythematosusVasculitisAphthous ulcerLeukoplakia

Question 7: Although the name may at some point have been owned by GlaxoSmithKline, USPTO registrations show "Milk of Magnesia" to be registered to ________,[5] and "Phillips' Milk of Magnesia" to Sterling Drug.

Question 8: When the patient drinks the milk of magnesia, the suspension enters the ________.
Colon (anatomy)StomachSmall intestineVermiform appendix

Question 9: The ________ caused by magnesium hydroxide carries away much of the body's supply of potassium, and failure to take extra potassium may lead to muscle cramps.
DiarrheaTraveler's diarrheaVomitingGastroenteritis

Question 10: [11] It also takes part in the Biorock method of building ________.
R142 (New York City Subway car)R142A (New York City Subway car)Artificial reefAquaculture


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