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Magna Graecia: Quiz


Question 1: There is rich oral tradition and Griko ________, limited now, though once numerous, to only a few thousand people, most of them having become absorbed into the surrounding Italian element.

Question 2: Moreover the Byzantines would have found in ________ people of common cultural root, the Greek-speaking eredi ellenofoni of Magna Graecia.
SicilyNaplesCampaniaSouthern Italy

Question 3: The ancient geographers differed on whether the term included Sicily or merely ________ and CalabriaStrabo being the most prominent advocate of the wider definitions.

Question 4: Records of Magna Graecia being predominantly Greek-speaking, date as late as the eleventh century (the end of Byzantine domination in ________).
NaplesSicilyCampaniaSouthern Italy

Question 5: The most important cultural transplant was the Chalcidean/Cumaean variety of the Greek alphabet, which was adopted by the ________; the Old Italic alphabet subsequently evolved into the Latin alphabet, which became the most widely used alphabet in the world.
Etruscan originsEtruscan languageEtruscan civilizationEtruscan mythology

Question 6: With this colonization, Greek culture was exported to Italy, in its dialects of the ________, its religious rites and its traditions of the independent polis.
Aeolic GreekDoric GreekAncient GreekAttic Greek

Question 7: Also during this period, Greek colonies were established in places as widely separated as the eastern coast of the ________ and Massalia (Marseille).
Baltic SeaBlack SeaMediterranean SeaAegean Sea

Question 8: The Romans called the area of Sicily and the foot of the boot of Italy Magna Graecia (Latin, “Great Greece”), since it was so densely inhabited by the ________.
Greek languageGreek literatureGreeksGreek diaspora

Question 9: An original ________ soon developed, later interacting with the native Italic and Latin civilisations.
Alexander the GreatClassical antiquityRoman GreeceAncient Greece

Question 10: Many of the new Hellenic cities became very rich and powerful, like ________, Neapolis (Νεάπολις, Naples), Syracuse, Acragas, Sybaris, (Σύβαρις).
CapuaSessa AuruncaAversaCaiazzo


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