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Question 1:
Where is Maginot Line?
Eastern Road/Church Place, Kemptown, Brighton and Hove BN2 5JF
North-eastern New South Wales, Australia
Eastern Austria, Western Hungary, South-western Slovakia
Eastern France

Question 2:
Which of the following battles did Maginot Line take part in?

Question 3:
What type is thing is Maginot Line?
Studio Album
Defensive line

Question 4: [5] ________ was retained by the French Army as a command center into the 1990s, but has recently been closed.
Ouvrage MolvangeOuvrage RochonvillersOuvrage AumetzOuvrage Soetrich

Question 5: Still, ________ signed the surrender and the army was ordered out of their fortifications, to be taken to POW camps.
Maxime WeygandFerdinand FochPhilippe PétainVichy France

Question 6: The main construction was largely completed by 1939, at a cost of around 3 billion ________.
Luxembourgish francBelgian francMonegasque francFrench franc

Question 7: With the ________ the Germans were able to use the Czech fortifications to study and plan attacks that proved very successful against the western fortifications (Fort Eben-Emael is the best known example).
Munich AgreementPolish areas annexed by Nazi GermanyWorld War IINazi Germany

Question 8: He was forced to employ French engineers and ________ to break into the bunkers, which were subsequently overrun by the Germans.
Combat engineeringSapperMadras Engineer GroupPrivate (rank)

Question 9: The original line construction did not cover the area chosen by the Germans for their first challenge, which was through the ________ in 1940, a plan known as Fall Gelb.
LiègeWalloniaMeuse (river)Ardennes

Question 10: He was opposed by modernists such as Paul Reynaud and ________ who favoured investment in armour and aircraft.
Harry S. TrumanFrançois MitterrandCharles de GaulleGeorge Marshall


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