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Magilla Gorilla: Quiz


Question 1: In the second season finale of Lost, Sawyer refers to Hurley and Kate as "Magilla Gorilla and ________".
Pippi LongstockingPippi Longstocking (1969 TV series)Pippi Longstocking (1969 film)Pippi Goes on Board

Question 2: In the "Fender Bender 500" segment of ________, Magilla Gorilla was partnered with Wally Gator as they rode a monster truck called the Swamp Stomper.
Yogi's Treasure HuntYo Yogi!Wake, Rattle, and RollYogi's Gang

Question 3: ________: Maguila, o Gorila
Brazilian PortuguesePortuguese languageAngolan PortuguesePortuguese dialects

Question 4: In the ________ comics, Hank McCoy (Beast), was nicknamed "Magilla Gorilla" in High School.
X-MenMystique (comics)Alpha FlightSabretooth (comics)

Question 5: In the Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law video game, he and ________ were suspected of robbing Harvey Birdman's office.
Yogi's Ark LarkHarvey Birdman, Attorney at LawSecret Squirrel2 Stupid Dogs

Question 6: Peebles' physical appearance was based on that of an earlier Hanna-Barbera character from 1962-1987's The Jetsons, Mr. Spacely (George Jetson's boss, voiced by ________).
Mel BlancLooney TunesBugs BunnyWarner Bros. Cartoons

Question 7: Howard Stern Show co-host ________ was nicknamed Magilla Gorilla by comedian Bob Levy.
Robin QuiversPrivate Parts (1997 film)The Howard Stern Show staffThe Howard Stern Show

Question 8: On the ________ 'Live in Las Vegas' CD, Brian attributes Magilla as being responsible for the AIDS outbreak.
Family Guy (season 4)The SimpsonsFamily GuyThe Cleveland Show

Question 9: Magilla appeared as a teenage gorilla on Yo Yogi! (as superstar Magilla Ice, a reference to ________).
MC HammerIce Ice BabyVanilla IceFlavor Flav

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