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Magical tools in Wicca: Quiz


Question 1: The historian ________ theorised that Gardner got it either directly or indirectly from one of these sources, although changed the spelling.
Doreen ValienteRonald HuttonWiccaGerald Gardner

Question 2: In the neopagan religion of ________, a range of magical tools are used in ritual practice.
WiccaningWiccaWitch-cult hypothesisTriple Goddess (Neopaganism)

Question 3: The latter made much use of material from medieval ________ such as the Key of Solomon, which has many illustrations of magical tools and instructions for their preparation.
Magic (paranormal)GrimoireGnosticismWitchcraft

Question 4: The former is based on ________ and may be more commonly practiced in Alexandrian covens.
Hermetic QabalahMagickCeremonial magicAleister Crowley

Question 5: In ________, as laid down by Gerald Gardner, someone who had been initiated in the 1st degree had to create (or, alternately purchase and then engrave) their own ritual tools.
Gardnerian WiccaBricket Wood covenDoreen ValienteWitch-cult hypothesis

Question 6: According to ________, the god Odin, who is the Norse equivalent to the Anglo-Saxon Woden, carried the spear Gungnir.
ThorNorse paganismValkyrieNorse mythology

Question 7: Wiccan High Priest ________ said that the cingulum should not be worn, but kept especially for spellcraft.
Robert Cochrane (witch)Cecil WilliamsonRaymond BucklandGerald Gardner

Question 8: [11] It was one of the main ritual items used by the ________ which was run by the witch Robert Cochrane, and it was he who introduced this tool into Wicca.
History of WiccaCochrane's CraftRobert Cochrane (witch)Doreen Valiente

Question 9: In the tradition of Seax-Wica, the spear is used as a ritual tool as it is symbolic of the god Woden, who, in that tradition, is viewed as an emanation of God in place of the ________.
Witch-cult hypothesisHorned GodRobert Cochrane (witch)Wicca

Question 10: In traditional ________, the tools are often divided into personal tools, which are for use by, and owned by, an individual Wiccan, and coven tools, used collectively by the coven.
Doreen ValienteGardnerian WiccaWitch-cult hypothesisGerald Gardner


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