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Question 1: It is famous because it is the ________'s sword, or because of its origin, as when a god gives it to the hero.
Greek mythologyHeroGreek hero cultPlato

Question 2: ________ and fantasy role-playing games feature a great variety of magical armaments, most commonly represented by swords and similar archetypal weapons.
Personal computer gameNonviolent video gameVideo game genresVideo game

Question 3: Svafrlami was the King of Gardariki, and a grandson of the god ________.
Norse mythologyThorSleipnirOdin

Question 4: The device appears to defy the laws of physics, bringing to mind ________'s third law of prediction, the observation that a technology that is sufficiently advanced would be indistinguishable from magic.
2001: A Space OdysseyThe Last TheoremArthur C. Clarke3001: The Final Odyssey

Question 5: Later as the concept of ________, spiritual possession, and elementals entered the realm of mythological themes it was only a natural leap to attribute magical properties of the swords of folklore to indwelling spirits.
DemonologyDemonChristian demonologyUnclean spirit

Question 6: The first is the "Sword In the Stone", called ________.
King ArthurYwainExcaliburSir Kay

Question 7: Once, killing the ________ which captured him in Wizard's First Rule, and again to kill a Sister of the Dark in Stone of Tears.
ChainfireNaked EmpireThe Sword of Truth universeBlood of the Fold

Question 8: In the ________ animated series, the father of the the titular hero gave his son a katana from the gods to defeat the evil Aku.
Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003 TV series)The Powerpuff GirlsDexter's LaboratorySamurai Jack

Question 9: In the British television series Robin of Sherwood, ________ carries Albion, one of the seven swords of Wayland.
Maid MarianFriar TuckRobin HoodWill Scarlet

Question 10: In Norse mythology, the god ________ "possessed a magic sword that struck out at Jotuns of its own accord." Many other swords appear in Norse legend in the hands of heroes.

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