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Question 1: Orpheus is a mythical figure, said to have lived in ________ “a generation before Homer” (though he is in fact depicted on fifth-century ceramics in Greek costume).
ThraciansThraceGreeceRoman Empire

Question 2: [66] Here ________ meets Queen Dido, who has just begun to build the city of Carthage.

Question 3: In ________'s Symposium (202e), the Athenian identified them as maleficent, allowing however a measure of efficacy as a function of the god Eros.
Bertrand RussellPlatoImmanuel KantAristotle

Question 4: The prominent Christian author ________ for example, claims that Simon was a magus of Samaria, and that his followers committed the blasphemy of worshiping Simon as God.
Eucharistic theologies contrastedJustin MartyrIrenaeusJerome

Question 5: [80] Scholars such as ________ have even tried to argue that Jesus was a magician.
New York CityHarvard CollegeMorton SmithColumbia University

Question 6: Of particular note are Jesus the Christ, Simon Magus and ________.
HadrianAlexander SeverusApollonius of TyanaRoman Empire

Question 7: …The courage to die as Alcestis did for love, choosing rather to scheme his way, living, into ________.
HermesApolloGreek mythologyHades

Question 8: Examples of this phenomenon are found in the various state and cult Temples, Jewish Synagogues and in the early ________ cathedrals and churches.
ChristianJesusCatholic ChurchChristianity

Question 9: ________, Xenophon, Plutarch – did use magos in connection with their descriptions of (Zoroastrian) religious beliefs or practices, the majority seem to have understood it in the sense of "magician".
Greco-Persian WarsHerodotusAncient GreeceAlexander the Great

Question 10: The third magus of interest in the period of the Roman Empire is ________ (c.
HadrianAlexander SeverusAurelianApollonius of Tyana


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