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Question 1: The first is that used by Solomon, who being a prophet of ________, is assumed to have used miraculous powers with Allah’s blessing.

Question 2: 1300 from Old French sorcerie, which is from ________ *sortiarius, from sors "fate", apparently meaning "one who influences fate".
Medieval LatinClassical LatinOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 3: The current ________ discusses divination and magic under the heading of the First Commandment.
Second Vatican CouncilCatechism of the Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIEcumenical council

Question 4: The foremost perspectives on magic in ________ are functionalist, symbolist and intellectualist.
CultureSocial sciencesAnthropologySocial anthropology

Question 5: In A General Theory of Magic,[3] ________ classifies magic as a social phenomenon, akin to religion and science, but yet a distinct category.
Émile DurkheimAnthropologyMarcel MaussStructuralism

Question 6: The Trance State is often described as an emptying of the mind, akin to ________.

Question 7: The ________ within these two sects are much more ambiguous about its use as seen in the concept of "Barakah".
Moinuddin ChishtiDhikrSufismTariqah

Question 8: The ________ practiced by the indigenous peoples of the Americas was called "medicine" and was practiced by medicine men.
Mircea EliadeReligionShamanismPolytheism

Question 9: Finally the intellectualist perspective, associated with ________ and Sir James Frazer, regard magic as logical, but based on a flawed understanding of the world.
LondonCultureAnthropologyEdward Burnett Tylor

Question 10: Western practitioners typically use the ________ of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.
MatterEarth (classical element)Air (classical element)Classical element

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