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Maghrib: Quiz


Question 1: The Maghrib prayer is the sunset daily prayer performed by practicing ________.

Question 2: Time ends: According to the dominant opinions of the ________ and Shafi'i schools, the prayer time ends as soon as enough time for a person to purify him/herself and pray has passed.
Islamic schools and branchesShariaFiqhMaliki

Question 3: The Maghrib prayer indicates the end of the daily Muslim obligatory fasting during the holy month of ________.
RamadanIsra and Mi'rajMawlidEid ul-Fitr

Question 4: The five daily prayers collectively are one pillar of the ________, in Sunni Islam, and one of the ten Practices of the Religion (Furū al-Dīn) according to Shia Islam.
Five Pillars of IslamMuhammadMosqueHajj

Question 5: It is the fouth of the five daily prayers (________).
SalahShia IslamIslamic schools and branchesIslam

Question 6: In both types of ________, the Maghrib daily prayer has three required (Fard) rak'ah.
Muslim historyIslamic schools and branchesMosqueIslam

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