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Maghreb: Quiz


Question 1: A strong tradition of venerating ________ and saints' tombs is found throughout regions inhabited by Berbers.
Muslim historyMaraboutIslamMouride

Question 2: It was envisioned initially by ________ as an Arab superstate, ignoring the Berber identity of the North Africans.
Muammar al-GaddafiPope John Paul IIHarry S. TrumanFidel Castro

Question 3: ________ defined it as the part of the Arab world where couscous is the staple food, as opposed to Eastern Arab countries where white rice is the staple food.
Habib BourguibaBahi LadghamZine El Abidine Ben AliMohammed Mzali

Question 4: The region produced figures such as Christian Church writer ________ (c.
Peter AbelardCatholic ChurchDidacheTertullian

Question 5: It is an ________ word, literally meaning "place of sunset" or "the west" (from an Arabian perspective).
Ancient North ArabianArabic languageModern Standard ArabicEgyptian Arabic

Question 6: But the firmest and longest unification of the region was under the Berber empires of Almoravids and ________ between 1040 and 1269.
Rashidun CaliphateAbbasid CaliphateUmayyad CaliphateAlmohad dynasty

Question 7: Among West Asians are Turks who came over with the expansion of the ________.
Ottoman EmpireTurkish peopleIstanbulTurkey

Question 8: After the end of the ________ about ten thousand years ago, when the Sahara dried up, contact between the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa was extremely limited.
Quaternary glaciationLittle Ice AgeIce ageLast glacial period

Question 9: With the defeat of ________, Rome took over many of these ports, and ultimately it took control of the entire Maghreb north of the Atlas Mountains.

Question 10: The 5 modern states of ________ established the Maghreb Union in 1989 to promote cooperation and economic integration in a common market.
AsiaNorth AfricaEuropeMiddle East


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