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Magadha: Quiz


Question 1: The Empire later extended over most of Southern Asia under King ________, who was at first known as 'Asoka the Cruel' but later became a disciple of Buddhism and became known as 'Dhamma Asoka'.
Ashoka the GreatGautama BuddhaSarnathGreco-Buddhism

Question 2: The ancient kingdom of Magadha is mentioned in the Ramayana, ________, Puranas.
Kurukshetra WarKrishnaBhagavad GitaMahabharata

Question 3: It was bounded on the north by the river Ganga, on the east by the river ________, on the south by the Vindhya mountains and on the west by the river Sone.

Question 4: Two of India's major religions started from Magadha; two of India's greatest empires, the Maurya Empire and ________, originated from Magadha.
Pala EmpireChola DynastyGupta EmpireHarsha

Question 5: Magadha (Sanskrit: मगध) formed one of the sixteen Mahājanapadas (________ "Great Countries") or regions in ancient India.

Question 6: ________ texts tell how Ajatashatru used two new weapons: a catapult, and a covered chariot with swinging mace that has been compared to a modern tank.
HinduismJain philosophyIndian religionsJainism

Question 7: Later, the Mauryan Empire ended and the ________ began.
HarshaGupta EmpireChola DynastyPala Empire

Question 8: Licchavi was an ancient republic which existed in what is now ________ state of India, since the before the birth of Mahavira (b.
PatnaBihari peopleBiharBihari culture

Question 9: According to tradition, the Shishunaga dynasty founded the Magadha Empire in 430 BC, whose capital was Rajagriha, later Pataliputra, near the present day ________ in India.

Question 10: In the aftermath of the carnage caused in the invasion of Kalinga, he renounced bloodshed and pursued a policy of ________ or ahimsa after converting to Buddhism.
Peace movementAntimilitarismNonviolencePacifism


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