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Question 1: ________ (1928 – 2000), a mafioso who turned informant in 1984.
Tommaso BuscettaSalvatore LimaSalvatore RiinaMafia

Question 2: [66] In 1977, the Corleonesi had ________ expelled from the Commission on trumped-up charges of hiding drug revenues.
Gaetano BadalamentiSicilian Mafia CommissionMafiaGiuseppe Di Cristina

Question 3: The Mafia (also known as "Cosa Nostra") is a Sicilian criminal society which is believed to have emerged in late 19th century ________, and the first such society to be referred to as a mafia (although it is not the first organized criminal society to appear in Italy).

Question 4: It is widely believed that its seeds were planted in the upheaval of Sicily's transition from feudalism to capitalism in 1812 and its later ________ by mainland Italy in 1860.

Question 5: In 1956, two Mafia-connected officials, Vito Ciancimino and ________, took control of Palermo's Office of Public Works.
Salvatore LimaAntimafia CommissionStefano BontadeSicilian Mafia Commission

Question 6: Nonetheless, in many Italian publications the term "Cosa Nostra" is used to distinguish the Sicilian Mafia from other criminal networks that are also sometimes referred to as "mafias" (such as the ________, the "Neapolitan Mafia").
Russian MafiaNaplesOrganized crimeCamorra

Question 7: ________ (1923 – 2004), boss of the Mafia Family in Cinisi
Giuseppe Di CristinaStefano BontadeSicilian Mafia CommissionGaetano Badalamenti

Question 8: ________ (born 1962), considered to be one of the successors of Provenzano.
MafiaGiuseppe GravianoBernardo ProvenzanoMatteo Messina Denaro

Question 9: Because Leggio was imprisoned in 1974, he acted through his deputy, ________, to whom he would eventually hand over control.
Salvatore RiinaMafiaBernardo ProvenzanoSecond Mafia War

Question 10: In the early 1980s, the magistrates ________ and Paolo Borsellino began a campaign against Cosa Nostra.
Cesare TerranovaMaxi TrialSalvatore RiinaGiovanni Falcone

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