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Question 1: (Werner and Rage 1994, Rage and Werner 1999; Cretaceous, ________; Sudan)
Global Standard Stratigraphic AgeCenomanianGeologic time scaleSystem (stratigraphy)

Question 2: 1974; Cretaceous, Coniacian or Santonian, ________)
Central African RepublicMauritaniaNigerBurkina Faso

Question 3:
  • Madtsoia bai Simpson, 1933 (Paleogene, Early Eocene; ________)
    ArgentinaBuenos AiresChileBrazil

Question 4: 1990; Cretaceous, Campanian or ________; Spain)
MaastrichtianLate CretaceousBarremianGeologic time scale

Question 5: Wonambi barriei Scanlon in Scanlon and Lee, 2000 (Neogene, early ________; Australia)
PlioceneLanghianGeologic time scaleMiocene

Question 6: have numerous characters apparently more ________ than any macrostomatans (Scanlon 2006).
Computational phylogeneticsPhylogeneticsCladisticsClade

Question 7:

Question 8: Madtsoia madagascariensis Hoffstetter, 1961a (Piveteau 1933; Cretaceous, Santonian or ________; Madagascar)

Question 9: (Folie and Codrea 2005; Cretaceous, Maastrichtian; ________)

Question 10: Madtsoia camposi Rage, 1998 (Paleogene, middle Paleocene; ________)
MozambiqueEast TimorPortugalBrazil


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