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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Madrigal (music) have?
Anchor / Sugar In Your Gas Tank
Mr. Chevy Celebrity
Fair Phyllis
Elections in New South Wales

Question 2: Third, printed secular music had become widely available in Italy due to the recent invention of ________ and the printing press.
Letterpress printingMovable typeTypefaceTypography

Question 3: The most commonly used instruments for playing the bass line and filling in any inner parts, at this time, were the lute, theorbo, chitarrone, and ________.
ConcertoVirginalsBaroque musicHarpsichord

Question 4:
What format does Madrigal (music) follow?

Question 5: No one followed Gesualdo down this path of ________ and extreme chromaticism, although composers such as Antonio Cifra, Sigismondo d'India, and Domenico Mazzocchi selectively used some of his techniques.
Western art historyBaroqueRenaissanceMannerism

Question 6: Particularly popular was the first collection of madrigals by ________.
Clément JanequinJacques ArcadeltClaudin de SermisyJean Mouton

Question 7: This may also include a play, Renaissance costumes, and instrumental ________.
SonataChamber musicClassical musicString quartet

Question 8: After the 1630s it merged with the cantata and the ________, and the solo madrigal was replaced by the aria because of the rise of opera as an important genre.

Question 9: Cornelis Verdonck, Hubert Waelrant, and ________ all composed madrigals in Italian.
Andrea GabrieliJan Pieterszoon SweelinckGiovanni GabrieliPeter Philips

Question 10: The first madrigals were written in Florence, either by native Florentines or by Franco-Flemish musicians in the employ of the ________.
House of HabsburgHouse of BourbonHouse of MediciHouse of Bonaparte


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