Madrasah: Quiz

Question 1: In the ________ in the Ottoman Empire, "Suleyman I added new curriculums to the Ottoman medreses of which one was medicine, which alongside studying of the Hadith was given highest rank."[2]
Early modern periodModern historyHigh Middle AgesAncient history

Question 2: During which time, he wrote that they should be taught the Qur'an, Islamic metaphysics, language, literature, ________, and manual skills (which could refer to a variety of practical skills).
Islamic ethicsShariaEarly social changes under IslamCaliphate

Question 3: Inalcik also mentions that even philosophy was only allowed to be studied so that it helped to confirm the doctrines of ________."[2] Hence, madrasahs – schools were basically religious centers for religious teachings and learning in the Ottoman world.
Muslim historyMosqueIslamIslamic schools and branches

Question 4: As with any other country during the ________, such as Italy and Spain in Europe, the Ottoman social life was also interconnected with the medrese.
Early modern periodModern historyHigh Middle AgesAncient history

Question 5: [12] Some Islamic schools by the 12th century also taught early ideas related to ________.
Population geneticsEvolutionIntroduction to evolutionNatural selection

Question 6: Madrasah khāṣah (Arabic: مدرسة خاصة‎) translates as "________".
Secondary educationPublic school (privately funded)Independent schoolPrivate school

Question 7: While it was not common for women to enroll as students in formal classes, it was common for women to attend informal ________ and study sessions at mosques, madrasahs and other public places.

Question 8: Women played an important role in the foundations of many Islamic educational institutions, such as Fatima al-Fihri's founding of the ________ in 859.
Al-AndalusMuslim worldMoroccoUniversity of Al-Karaouine

Question 9: Beth midrash and ________Jewish religious schooling
Torah Umesorah – National Society for Hebrew Day SchoolsTorah im Derech EretzOrthodox JudaismYeshiva

Question 10: "Understanding Madrasahs", ________, Jan/Feb 2006.
National ReviewThe New RepublicForeign AffairsThe Atlantic

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