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Madeira wine: Quiz


Question 1: Furthermore, the wine is deliberately exposed to air, causing it to ________.

Question 2: These terraces, known as poios are very similar to the terraces of the ________ that make Port wine production possible.
PortugalCastile and LeónDouroPorto

Question 3: Today, Madeira's primary markets are in the Benelux countries, ________ and Germany with emerging markets growing in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Question 4: [2][3] One of the major events on the road to revolution in which Madeira played a key role was the British seizure of ________’s sloop the Liberty on May 9, 1768.
Elbridge GerrySamuel AdamsJohn HancockThomas Gage

Question 5: Cheaper versions are often flavored with ________ and pepper for use in cooking.
HypertensionSaltWaterSodium chloride

Question 6: Following the example of Port, a small amount of distilled alcohol made from ________ was added to stabilize the wine by boosting the alcohol content.
Land use statistics by countryEthanol fuelMaizeSugarcane

Question 7: The rest of the 20th century saw a downturn for Madeira, both in sales and reputation, as low quality "________" became primarily associated with the island - much as it had for Marsala.
Champagne (wine)Classification of wineMuscat (grape and wine)Chardonnay

Question 8: The terrain of the mountainous volcanic island is difficult to cultivate with vineyards planted on man-made terraces of red and ________ bedrock.
Igneous rockBasaltLavaFlood basalt

Question 9: Other varieties planted on the island, though not legally permitted for Madeira production, include Arnsburger, ________ and the American hybrids Cunningham and Jacquet.
MerlotChilean wineCabernet SauvignonChardonnay

Question 10: [2] George Washington, ________ and Benjamin Franklin are also said to have appreciated the qualities of Madeira.
Alexander HamiltonJohn JayJames MadisonHenry Knox


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