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Macular degeneration: Quiz


Question 1: Worldwide, bevacizumab has been used extensively despite its "________" status.
Off-label useBupropionTricyclic antidepressantAntidepressant

Question 2: Consuming omega-3 fatty acids has been ________ with a reduced progression of early ARMD, and in conjunction with low glycemic index foods, with reduced progression of advanced ARMD.
Normal distributionCorrelation and dependencePearson product-moment correlation coefficientVariance

Question 3: Fat provides about 42% of the ________ in the average American diet.
NutritionFood energyFood chemistryFood microbiology

Question 4: Researchers from the University of Southampton reported October 7, 2008 that they had discovered six mutations of the gene ________ that are associated with AMD.
Factor HC1-inhibitorComplement component 3Protein

Question 5: ________ has also been used to treat wet AMD.
PaclitaxelAminolevulinic acidCamptothecinPhotodynamic therapy

Question 6: Cardiovascular status — high cholesterol, ________.
Abdominal obesityChildhood obesityObesity hypoventilation syndromeObesity

Question 7: Exudative changes: ________ in the eye, hard exudates, subretinal/sub-RPE/intraretinal fluid
BruiseBleedingGastrointestinal bleedingPurpura

Question 8: Hypertension: Also known as ________.
AtherosclerosisAortic dissectionEssential hypertensionHypertension

Question 9: Age related macular degeneration is a medical condition which usually affects older adults that results in a loss of vision in the center of the visual field (the macula) because of damage to the ________.
Ciliary muscleScleraRetinaIris dilator muscle

Question 10: Macular degeneration gene: The genes for the ________ proteins factor H (CFH) and factor B (CFB) and factor 3 (C3) have been determined to be strongly associated with a person's risk for developing macular degeneration.
Classical complement pathwayMannan-binding lectin pathwayAlternative complement pathwayComplement system


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