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Macrophage: Quiz


Question 1: Macrophages also play a role in ________ (HIV) infection.
HIVSafe sexAIDSHIV and AIDS misconceptions

Question 2: Two highly active ________ can be seen ingesting conidia.
Kupffer cellMicrogliaAlveolar macrophageOsteoclast

Question 3: Their role is to phagocytose (engulf and then digest) cellular debris and pathogens either as stationary or as mobile cells, and to stimulate ________ and other immune cells to respond to the pathogen.
Adaptive immune systemImmune systemThymocyteLymphocyte

Question 4: Macrophages provide yet another line of defense against tumor cells and somatic cells infected with ________ or parasites.

Question 5: The study attempted to examine the appearances of Pax7 and ________, but data was not consistent with previous findings.
Androgen receptorMyoDRELARetinoblastoma protein

Question 6: The first step to understanding the importance of ________ in muscle repair, growth, and regeneration is that there are two “waves” of macrophages with the onset of damageable muscle use – subpopulations that do and do not directly have an influence on repairing muscle.
White blood cellMonocytePhagocyteMacrophage

Question 7: ) are ________ within tissues, produced by the division of monocytes.
PhagocyteEosinophil granulocyteWhite blood cellNeutrophil granulocyte

Question 8: Eventually, the antigen presentation results in the production of ________ that attach to the antigens of pathogens, making them easier for macrophages to adhere to with their cell membrane and phagocytose.
Immune systemAutoantibodyAdaptive immune systemAntibody

Question 9: After digesting a pathogen, a macrophage will present the ________ (a molecule, most often a protein found on the surface of the pathogen, used by the immune system for identification) of the pathogen to the corresponding helper T cell.
Polyclonal B cell responsePhagocyteAntigenAntibody

Question 10: They are attracted to oxygen-starved (hypoxic) tumour cells and promote ________.
MeningitisInflammationLeukocyte extravasationVasculitis

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