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Question 1: It is used in the ________ episode Fore Father.
Family GuyFamily Guy (season 4)The Cleveland ShowThe Simpsons

Question 2: Mace is a tear gas in the form of an ________ which propels a lachrymatory agent mixed with a volatile solvent.
ChlorofluorocarbonAerosol sprayInhalantNitrous oxide

Question 3: It is also mentioned in the ________ episode 'Break-In'.
The Golden GirlsThe Golden PalaceThe Carol Burnett ShowCheers

Question 4: The original formulation consisted of 1% CN gas in a solvent of 2-butanol, ________, cyclohexene, and dipropylene glycol methyl ether.
AcetoneEthanolGlycerolPropylene glycol

Question 5: Some formulations now also include Oleoresin Capsicum (active ingredient in ________).
Pepper sprayChemical warfareSulfur mustardCS gas

Question 6: Mace is mentioned by the "waitress" in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season four episode 13) and by a girl ________ is hitting on in How I Met Your Mother (season four episode 22).
Pilot (How I Met Your Mother)As Fast As She CanRobin 101Barney Stinson

Question 7: This product appears in both The Simpsons' episode Homer to the Max and in the ________ episode Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy.
Eric CartmanSouth Park (season 1)Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat RideSouth Park


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