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Macaria: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Macaria play in the telemovie El secreto de Alejandra?
El secreto de Alejandra

Question 2: This Macaria is the daughter of ________, and Persephone in some traditions, though there is no mention of her before this time.
HadesGreek mythologyHermesApollo

Question 3:
What role did Macaria play in the movie Un gancho al corazón?
Constanza Lerdo de Tejada
Constanza Lerdo
Isabel López
Valentina López

Question 4: In ________, Macaria was one of the Heracleidae, children of Heracles.
MuseGreek mythologyApolloTrojan War

Question 5: As Eurystheus prepared to attack, an oracle told Demophon that he would win if and only if a noble woman was sacrificed to ________.
PersephoneGreek mythologyDemeterHades

Question 6: In the 10th century CE, the ________ Greek work "Suda" shows another Macaria as a goddess of a blessed afterlife (which was assured to Orphic mystery initiates after death).
Byzantine IconoclasmRoman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire


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